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On the Air: EAA Radio

During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 - 
We asked people to respond to the question "Where are you listening to EAA Radio?"
The response was overwhelming - people listened from all over the world!
Use this link to view the responses.

EAA Radio personalities “Afterburner Al” (center) and “Digital Dave” (right) interview U.S. Customs Service pilot Patrick O'Brien on the air. Photo by Dave Higdon

They’re a retired stay-at-home dad, a former engineer and a college professor. One flies charter airplanes, another works for a home equipment store, and others attend college.

But during EAA Air Venture Oshkosh they are the voices and talents behind EAA Radio.

Broadcast 24 hours a day on AM 1210, the volunteers give of their time to bring to EAA convention-goers the latest programming information, the scuttlebutt about aviation personalities, live coverage of the daily air show and Theater in the Woods, and more.
New equipment has helped bring the station newfound reliability this year.

Fareed Guyot, of Milwaukee, coordinates EAA Radio, making sure they have the staff and equipment to do the job.

“The modern version of EAA Radio started in 1996,” he says. “But that year there was no programming. Just a mixer in the comm center and someone making announcements.”

Jim Grey cues playback files for EAA Radio. Most interviews are now recorded and edited on computers, eliminating tape decks and splicing blocks. The computer automation also allows the station to operate 24 hours a day.

Since then, EAA Radio has moved to a new home along the flightline, built some studios and begged and borrowed for better equipment.

“We’re good at slowly acquiring equipment,” Guyot says. “It’s beginning to really feel like a radio station.”

But more important, they’re sounding like a radio station, with live interviews conducted from 7 to 11 a.m., followed by pre-recorded interviews done on the field and in the station from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. At that time, they switch to coverage of the daily air show, and later, the nightly Theater in the Woods program. Overnight, automation allows them to air previous interviews.

“We’re always trying to improve,” Guyot says. “We have a very small focus group of people who camp with us. They wake up with EAA Radio and let us know how we’re doing.”

Guyot persuaded Jim Gray, a friend and radio professor at St. Cloud, Minnesota, to join the ranks of volunteers this year. “I’m the only EAA Radio volunteer who actually works in radio,” he says. He’s provided some training to the volunteers to bring more professionalism to the station.

“They always joke and ask if they can get college credit for doing this,” Gray says. “I just tell them they don’t want to pay those fees.”

Mel Futrell, of Los Angeles, is EAA Radio’s first female radio personality. She particularly enjoys interviews with EAA’s international visitors. And with it being streamed over the web, visitors can go home and share the interview with their families, she says.

Dave Leuter, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, remembers the early years of EAA Radio. “The first year I was locked in a room without windows where the PA amplifiers were and I basically read AirVenture Today over the air,” he recalls. It was difficult to get people to come in the studio for interviews. “But when we started getting press credentials that changed; when people see the press badge, they are willing to talk.”

Of course it doesn’t hurt that Leuter loves to talk himself. “Being on the radio is a dream. It is a lot of fun.”

Rob Sturgeon of Portage, Indiana, agrees. As the roving reporter, he gets to do things like a walk-through of the C-5A Galaxy, while the crew explains where everything is. 

“There are really exciting people here,” he says. “I love being able to move around the field and meet people from different counties who have different airplanes. But I also enjoy talking to people who haven’t been to AirVenture before. They’re so in awe.”

Reporter Rob Sturgeon interviews an EAA AirVenture Oshkosh pilot. Aside from live interviews conducted in-studio, reporters comb the convention site to gather other interesting stories from AirVenture. EAA Radio broadcasts live from studios located just east of the FAA Control Tower.

Barbara Lawrence, of Racine, Wisconsin, says occasionally a scheduled interview doesn’t show. Then the staff just wings it and “babbles.”

Chris Fitzsimmons, of Elgin, Illinois, has been volunteering as a technician for EAA Radio for eight years. Although Fitzsimmons says he wouldn’t want to make radio his life, he does enjoy his week “vacation” at AirVenture.

“This convention wouldn’t exist without volunteers,” he says. “It’s the people and the love of aviation that brings me back each year.”
While Lawrence agrees that the people bring her back each year, there is one big benefit for working for EAA Radio, she says. “You get to sit in air conditioning.”

Thanks to all of you who are listening to EAA Radio! We enjoy your comments and keep them coming! Its fabulous to see how many of you are "attending" AirVenture over the web! 
- Afterburner Al  (Regrettably, back to work in Rockford, IL and listening to EAA Radio)

Where are you listening to EAA Radio?

I am listening to EAA radio in Dothan, Alabama. I've been a EAA member since 1989. My father is the lucky one and is at AirVenture while I work and listen.  - J. Wilkes, EAA #0335924

Listening from Sykesville, Maryland. I am enjoying's almost like being there...I can close my eyes and see it. Thanks guys. - G. Coker,  EAA #0289806

I'm listening from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. I'd rather be there! The air show is going on right as I'm writing! I'm going back to school to become a pilot because of AirVenture! Maybe someday I'll be performing there myself! See you Saturday!   -K. Dempze

We are listening in Pittsburgh, PA. We attended AirVenture earlier this week, took a flight on the Ford Tri-Motor and witnessed the landing of White Knight. - J. Savage

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - D. Grenier

San Jose, CA - K. Bayne

I'm trying to hear you on the web in Racine, Wisconsin - P. Tillema

From Scaled Composites in Mojave, California. - S. Sherman

I'm listening to EAA Radio from Dallas, Texas. My CFI is up there, as he is every year. I bet he landed EXACTLY on his dot!  - K. J. Blankenburg

Its 1740 hrs NZST Friday 29th. I'm at Papakura, New Zealand. Some of my friends are over there (with the Seawind). Hope its all going well for you. - P. Evans

Queenstown, New Zealand, RV-6, getting ready for painting. - M. Evans

We are listening via the web from our tent in the EAA campgrounds. Way to go with streaming the audio for us. - B. Styve, Iowa

Hendersonville, TN is the best place to listen to OSHKOSH radio except for actually being there. Keep up the good work. U guys are GREAT! - B. Kinney #569316

Morrisville, MO - A. Grant

I'm listening to EAA Radio from the web in Jamsa, Finland - M. Hoyla

Jacksonville, FL - D. Bird

I am listening from Temecula, California, a long way from OSH, I am 1465.2 nautical miles WSW Initial true course: 255 but right there in spirit. Keep up the good work EAA!  - J.Sanders <Mooney flyer>

I'm listening while I work in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We are planning to attend the last 3 days of the convention and EAA radio is a great way to prepare for coming to Oshkosh. - B. Carr

I'm listening from Huntersville, North Carolina. I wish I were there! Several members of my Civil Air Patrol squadron, "The Mavericks" are there as they are every year. I hope to make the trip with them someday! - S. Malizia

Layton, UT - Sadly this is the first Oshkosh in many, many years we have missed. If we lay on the grass, close our eyes and listen to the air show, its almost like being there! Thanks to all. - D. & L. Milliken

Greetings from Tal Afar, Iraq - Duty called so this year I get to listen to all the fun and excitement. Boy I sure do miss being there. There is always next year, along with a whole new showcase of stuff that I will have a much deeper appreciation for. Thank you on behalf of everyone around the world, for bringing Oshkosh to all of us. Number 23 on the list to-do after I get home is to order my very own Zenith CH-640 and get started on it. Maybe I can order it by the end of October. THANK YOU EAA!!!!!!!! - CPT D. Peterson, MITT-1st BDE, US Army, Tal Afar, Iraq

Tucson, AZ - Have been to AirVenture many times, but my job keeps me away this year. I appreciate being able to participate at some level: have listened to the air shows, Harrison Ford and Steve Fossett. Now, if you could just get the smell of a Rolls-Royce Merlin onto the web, you'd really have something! - P, Thomas

Melbourne, Australia - R. Taylor

Auckland, New Zealand - I have been tuning into EAA Radio late evenings - early morning your time - all week (catch some sleep) then tune back again for the afternoon air show. (We are 17 hours ahead of OSHKOSH.) I visited EAA Oshkosh back in 1979, spent a week at the show, I had never seen so many aircraft at one place at one time. I plan to revisit again in 2006 and I know many changes have taken place in the last 26 years. Looking forward to AirVenture 2006. Regards to all at EAA Radio. - B. Howard.

Beatrice, Nebraska - D. Rinne

Washington, D.C. - See you Saturday. Flying out tonight. - A. Earl

I am here in Colorado Springs, CO wishing I was there. Keep up the good work. - K. Ashcraft, Zenith CH701 2% done, 147% left to go.

Lakewood, OH - I have enjoyed listening to you this morning. My aircraft partner and I arrived at AirVenture on Sunday and left on Wednesday. Neither of us wanted to leave, but duty calls.  You are helping to extend the vacation. Thanks and keep up the good work. - R. E. Metelko

I'm listening in Bloomington, Il. I'll be there Saturday, hoping to fly into OSH at about 8 a.m. Blue Skies! - R. Kelley

Like many others, I’m still looking for the time and the ride across the pond to get there. I’m listening from my work computer in Bay City, Michigan. Keep up the good work. - J. Funsch

Listening from Atlanta, Georgia. My father (Eliot Cross) flew the Spitfire in yesterday's air show, wish I was there. - I. Cross

I am an EAA Member listening to you online from Indianapolis, Indiana. I did attend AirVenture this year (Monday and Tuesday) and am now back at work (unfortunately) but it is great to be able to listen to the rest of the show from Work or from home ! Keep up the great work. See you next year! - Alan Robinson

I'm from Columbus, OH. I just returned from my first trip to Oshkosh last night and am missing it already! I had a great time and learned so much. I think I need a new pair of eyes because mine are worn out! The presentation by the guys in the pink shirts was definitely a highlight and I'm enjoying the discussion that's airing now. Thanks for putting on a great show......I'm looking forward to next year. - M. Biller

Great Job on the radio! I’m currently in Madison, WI (but from Minnesota) and headed to AirVenture this afternoon. This will be my 5th visit, I’m a pilot, flew to AirVenture in a Luscombe and a homebuilt in the past, and brining my powered paraglider with me this time! - D. James

Hey EAA Radio guys, (Digital Dave, Afterburner Al, Magneto Mel, .... I'm listening from Raleigh, North Carolina and enjoying it so much all week. I just did an interview with Dick Knapinski. I have a few pilot listeners to my show where I post the audio online ( I uploaded it last night. I mentioned what a great job you guys are doing. I'm learning a lot from your experience. - N. Harness

Listening from Chicago...will be there tomorrow. - T. Oates

I am listening at work in Utah. A nice change from the music and I feel like I am there enjoying the show instead of at work. Thanks! - T. Parker

Listening, nearly due east across the pond in Midland, Michigan. Not far as the crow flies, (although like me, I doubt they would fly across the lake) Been going to Oshkosh since I was 13 years old back in "73". Thanks for providing us a mental glimpse of Oshkosh! I can almost smell it! - D. Bonem,  EAA #0179719

I'm listening at my law office in Bennettsville, S.C. I reminisce to when I was there in '01. Thanks.  - M. Padgett

Houston, TX - building an RV-7A. - S. Collins

I am listening from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. I have attended 3 times since 1996, but it is quite a long trek from here. We weren't able to make it to Oshkosh this year, but feel very much in touch with EAA radio. It is an excellent feature for us poor guys who couldn't attend in person. I have been doing some work outside while listening and almost find myself looking up during the air show to see the action. The Theatre in the Woods broadcasts have been great! We WILL be there in person next year.  - P. Smith

Melbourne, Australia - Inspiring Radio guys, will be making a supreme effort to attend 2006. Best regards - R. Lynch

From Farmington, MN. I'd rather be there but am recovering from some skin cancer surgery on my nose. (Wear that sunblock!) My Dad, brother and cousin are there. I'll be back next year! Thanks for streaming the audio! -J. Keopp, EAA #0584006

Was there for AirVenture 2001, Camp Scholler – this year am broadbanding EAA Radio ( and daily Video ) back home in Cape Town, South Africa.  - G. Blanckenberg, EAA 646741

Grand Rapids, MI - C.G. Maine

On the web from Torrington, CT - N. Garvin - Glasair N15F

I'm listening at my office in Reno, NV.  Couldn't go this year, but maybe next. I am an EAA member. - M. Stevens

Oxnard, California - P. Aline

I'm listening to EAA Radio here in Memphis, TN. Last month, I attended the very first Tunica Air Races just south of us in Tunica Mississippi. Some of the people that performed at Tunica are with you at Oshkosh. Bob Odegaard with his Super Corsair performed daily demonstrations and John Bagley raced in the Unlimited Race in Ole Yeller which used to be Bob Hoover's P-51. It's great to hear you as long as I can't be there. - S. Foldenauer

Lambert, Montana - It's great! I listen every chance I get.  - B. Prevost

Hello friends: I am EAA #9028655 & very happy to hear you in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I have been six times in a row at AirVenture (99-04) the first time as a spectator, the others as a pilot, two of them flying our own plane. I miss the show this year (too much work). My brother is sharing the fun with you. Send my regards. Thank you! -  A.M. Villalobos

We wish we were there! Thanks for bringing AirVenture to us on the internet. We're cleaning the garage today in Morris Plains, New Jersey and thinking of Oshkosh. We'll be there next year! - C. & S. Ward

Cape Town, South Africa - Thanks for the radio, almost like being there. - P. Kruger

I am listening from Dixon, IL. wishing I was there with the man I love. He has a Beautiful RV6 that his father and he spent 6 years building. Wishing them luck & hoping they bring home a prize! - D. Parts

Sewickley, PA - Really enjoy listening to all the programs that I am missing by not being able to attend this year. But……I really miss the ATC chatter….many of us find that the most interesting part! - D.A. Easter

I'm listening from my office in St. Charles, MO. Thank you for implementing and delivering the webcast audio. While I would have preferred attending AirVenture in person, sometimes other matters take precedence. I would like to tell my embarrassing "War of the Worlds" moment, when I left the webcast during John Mohr's performance and then returned to the siren blaring, parts falling off performance of Kent Pietsch on Wednesday. As co-workers gathered to listen to the tragedy and my ranting, it became apparent that we were listened to Mohr's comedy performance-- Boy, oh, boy, was I fooled and did my co-workers rib me. Again many thanks for supplying the glimpse at AirVenture 2005. - N. Hudson

Briggs & Stratton Corp, Wauwatosa, WI  - Enjoying all the flyovers we can see. - T. Martin

Geneva, NE  - Just got home from AirVenture (Sat thru Wed) and wanted to keep up with what is going on. D. Biba, EAA #0357507

Listening from Carlsbad, CA near San Diego where we operate two 1920s Travel Air biplanes, a North American SNJ, a Beechraft C-45, and two Varga VG-21s. ( Jealous as heck of our mechanic who is watching the air show we're listening too, but great fun to be able to share it with him and his wife. - T. Harnish

Bradford, PA - L. Angevine, EAA 467

My 5 year old son and I are listening to EAA radio in Utica, New York. - D. Berkhoudt

Listening from Merritt Island, FL. I've flown my Piper Lance to OSH for 18 years, but because we're still dealing with hurricane damage couldn't make it this year. - J. Trachtman

We're listening from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  - The Martins 

Listening from Mildura, Victoria,  Australia. Regards -   J. Sheedy

Thank you for this,  especially since I cannot be there! I am from Virginia Beach, VA - Liz

From Perth in western Australia - H. Jones, EAA 712250

From Blenheim, New Zealand.  - G. Murphy

Am listening in Brisbane, Australia at home and at our business - Vintage Aeroplane Services - in the hangar all day. We maintain - rebuild and operate Vintage / classic aircraft. Regards - P. Harrington

I’m listening on the web from Stockholm, Sweden – F. Diehl, EAA #759837.

I returned from AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 on Tuesday night after visiting it for the first time. All I can say is WOW ! I was lucky enough to be asked along with a friend of mine and all I can say is it was great! I have wanted to go many times and I wasn't disappointed. I plan on attending again, Absolutely Awesome show! We flew over from Traverse City, Michigan. [Just across the pond ] - D. Spencer

Hi there from 'down under' New Zealand. Wish you well for the whole program as I enjoyed it so much 2 yrs. ago. Cheers -  B. Coakley

Clear Lake, Iowa. I was there Monday through Thursday AM and listen now to keep updated. - D. Yarian

Marquette, Kansas - P. Teague

I'm listening from Madison, WI. Really good banjo streaming from the woods! I'll be up Saturday morning and bringing three friends. - J. Murray EAA # 674690

What a HOOT! I’m listening from Beaufort, NC. - J. Lang

Lancaster, SC - K. Harrison

Orlando, FL. Great job, thanks! - R. Bazemore

Waterford, Michigan - Cessna 172

I'm in Middleburg, FL just south of Jacksonville. I was supposed to be in Oshkosh. M. Shirley EAA 193

Sanford, NC. EAA Radio is great! -  J. Wilson

San Francisco, CA - T. Latta

Hi Guys, I'm listening from the Barossa Valley (Wine country) Australia. - S. Ahrens

Listening at Emporium, PA. EAA member since 01/01/1984. Been to Oshkosh 4 times. First time in my friends Cessna 172. Others by auto. Could not make this year due to health reasons. Keep up the good work. - R. Sanderson

Hi, from 14km northern of LFPG (Paris Charles de Gaulle, France). Regards - B. Roucher

Tucson, Arizona. I couldn’t be in Oshkosh this year, but thanks to EAA Radio it seem like I am near by. B. Ditsler, EAA 742802

I am listening to you on the computer in Rapid City, SD - J. Drab, Jr.

Listening from Medstead, Hampshire, UK. Sharing sounds with my husband who is visiting Oshkosh now!! Susan F

At Ft. McClellan, AL - T. Walker

I am listening to the wonderful EAA meeting but I am in Lodz, Poland. Lodz is the second biggest city in Poland, and home of best sail plane made. I enjoy to listen. Thank you very much.  - P. Rutkowski

I'm listening from Longview, Texas. I was at AirVenture Monday and Tuesday. - Mark

Hello from Naharia, Israel. It's great to be with you thousands miles away and so close, you are doing great job. Please more video if possible. Thank you so much from a aviation & America lover. - Y. Shurany

On vacation in Key West. - Bill Thomas

I live in Tremonton, Utah --wish I could be there this year. - Mitch Roland

Antioch, IL. I'm unable to attend EAA this year but my kids are there and now I can share the happenings with them! - K. Nelson

Hanahan, SC. Wish I were there but I can use my imagination and be there VIA EAA radio. More Video clips would be greatly appreciated. - D. Beach

Friday (07/29/05) afternoon I came across the AirVenture-Radio web-link and listened to the air show from Beaverton, Oregon. My work schedule prevented my attendance this year, but my father and brother are there. Providing this media is simply excellent. I get to view the pictures that are posted daily while listening, and can visualize the aerobatic maneuvers that are being performed. This wonderful broadcast helps me feel more connected to my immediate family and my extended EAA family. It is the next best thing to being there. A big thank you to all of the EAA members and volunteers for providing this fabulous web-cast!!! J. Hoak, EAA # 683690

I am a 40-something mother of three and just got my private ticket in February 2005. Thank you for letting me feel like I am at Oshkosh (my pilot daughter is there) even though I am still here in Plattsmouth, Nebraska! Our family has been EAA members for 6 months! - B. Kolden

Ft McPherson (Atlanta), Georgia. - Colonel L. Portouw, US Army

Benton, KY. - C.R. Freeman

Grapevine, TX (north of Fort Worth) - L. Brown

From Milton, Ontario, Canada. Thanks. - K. Dick EAA5610

Listening to EAA Radio in Heemstede, the Netherlands and hoping to be with you in Oshkosh next year again. Have a great week!   - R.W.L. Loeb EAA 9026861

Listening to your radio in Boise, Idaho! Thank You! - C. Kauffman

Great job. Do you ever broadcast, say like Rod Machado tent reviews of his speech? I listen here at home during the day. Did Honda come back with there long awaited IO-360 engine? Love the show. Great job everyone!!!!! - R. Sterba

I am listening from Eagle Harbor, MI. Glad I went to the air show yesterday. It is raining with distant thunder here today. - N. Harri

We are here in Knoxville, Tennessee and listening to your broadcast of 2005 AirVenture. We attended AirVenture last year and listening to this year's show is such a pleasure. - M. & B. Ludwig

I'm listening in St. Petersburg, FL. Since 1974 I've been to Oshkosh 14 times, most recently in 1996. Oh, how I wish I could be there this year!  - D. Stodola

Unfortunately, my wife and I could not make it to AirVenture this year - the evening that Rutan and crew discussed the future of space flight was just great!! What an evening. We will be there next year - and thanks for letting use be there this year via AirVenture Radio. WoW, it is just great !! - B. & A. Allaben

Listening from Clanton, AL. Thanks for the connection to the activities going on today. Hope to make it back next year. - B. Bevers

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the Convention this year, but I've been following it closely on EAA Radio. Thanks guys and gals for bringing EAA Oshkosh 2005 to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I hope to return to Oshkosh for AirVenture the meanwhile, keep the airwaves active with the sounds of Oshkosh. - R. Miller, EAA# 295114

Listening from St Charles, IL. We were at AirVenture 2005 from Sunday through Thursday. Thanks for the streaming audio! - Dave (Smokey N4406M) EAA117666

Great idea to stream EAA Radio! I'm listening in Lincoln, NE after visiting Oshkosh earlier this week. - Mark

Am listening from Cedar Rapids, IA. Unable to attend this year. Specially appreciate broadcasts of Theatre in the Woods programs. - D. L. Kibbe,  EAA 221774

Westerly, RI - Thanks for the streaming webcast of the air show. Wish I could be there. - D. Sauvigne

Listening from Savannah GA. - G. Sammons

Campbell River, B.C., Canada - C. Fordham

Lincoln, NE - EAA Member, I attended OSH Sunday through Thursday. - L. Geiger

Hello, I am listening to EAA Radio from Stavanger, Norway. Regards - O. Moe, EAA member no 0483898

I am listening from Albury Australia. - L. Dakos

In Darwin, Australia. Was there in 2004 and 1992 -wish I was there again! Good luck for 2005 - Bob

I'm listening from Tucson, AZ. Would have liked to have been there but couldn't get off work. Really enjoyed the broadcasting. Thanks. -  J. Nickerson EAA 760892

Nashua, New Hampshire -Dick

At the Fairfield Inn, Oshkosh, in the evening (Theater in the Woods programs). - H. Knight

Merton, WI - Way to go Afterburner Al. Keep up the good work - Joel

EAA member from Portland. Oregon currently on a trip for America West Airlines flying the A320, listening from Baltimore MD.
Great show! as always. - C. Rankin

As a pilot for Continental Express I take my laptop on my over nights. I've been listening to you in my hotel room for the last 3 nights, in Greensboro, NC, Jacksonville, FL, and Kileen, TX. Today in Greensboro I got to see the Honda jet return, I heard the interview with the factory reps yesterday so it was great to see what you were talking about. And also, this evening I heard your interview with Margaret from Operation Thirst and she mentioned my grandmother Bernice Howard, she died over 20 years ago but I thought it was great to hear her name on the broadcast. Thanks for that! Even though I couldn't make it to Oshkosh this year its been great to listen. If ya get a chance stop by the gas pumps by the maintenance building in the campground tell the 2 bald old guys I say hello! (my dad and uncle). Thanks again - C. Howard

In Bangor, Maine - G. McHale

I had to come home to Wisc. Rapids, WI Fri. after spending 6 days at EAA, but was delighted to find you on the internet. It is hard to get back to the other world after being there. (withdrawal pains I suppose) It will take me a year to absorb the sights, sounds and learning experiences I was exposed to. It was great to see Paul and think about what he has wrought. Please give yourselves a "pat on the back" Se-ya next year - W. King

Auckland, New Zealand - T. Dance

Listening to you from Sussex, WI - D. Beitzel

Fleming, Colo.  - D. Nelson

Adelaide, South Australia - S. Hocking

I am listening to EAA Radio in Atlanta, GA. - L. Romans

From Parker, CO. Just SE of Denver - J. Waterman

I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. I've never attended an Oshkosh airshow but have been listening to EAA Radio all week and it's been fantastic! My original plan was to make the trip to Oshkosh with a friend who has a T-34 but, due to an illness, was unable to make the trip. I've enjoyed listening to the interviews and live airshow activity. Please continue this broadcast in the future. Regards - R. Inman

Lovin it in Phoenix, Arizona & miss my Tucson friends who flew up there as they do every year – one day I’ll make the trip myself! - M. Stotesbery

St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Yes, I’m listening to EAA Radio! F. Gray

52F, Roanoke, TX. Listening to the airshow on the last day. I'm dissappointed I couldn't make it this year. But next year I'll be there as part of the crew of "The Flagship Detroit", a 1937 DC-3! I can't wait!!! - Jeff S.

I'm listening in Stavanger Norway. - M. Paustian

I am listening to EAA Radio at Marshall, Illinois. I was at the show several years ago, hope to make it next year. Hope everyoe had a safe show this year and a special prayer goes out to all our troops overseas. - D. Fitts 

Thanks for the broadcast from Gilbert, Arizona. - R. Parnham

My husband has had a great time at the Oshkosh Air Show. He just called and he and his buddies are on their way to the airport to return home. I'm listening to you from Fairfax, Va. - M. Boatright 

Howdy, listening to OSH from Castle Rock, WA near Mt. St. Helens. Wish I was there - J. Hedges, EAA #706883

From the Mile High city, Denver, CO. I First visited Oshkosh when I was a young boy with my father, unforgettable experience. My dad built a Skybolt in our basement in Toledo, fascinating! Will keep looking to the skies this coming week as those birds fly home. - Bruce Y 

Mohave Valley, Arizona -and- Bullhead City, Arizona - D. Steelman and K. Sondgeroth

From Danville, Illinois

Ercoupe guy back in the Hudson Valley of NY, my dads on the memorial wall. So its nice to hear from the best place on Earth for a few days of the year. - B. Kittner

San Bernardino, California - S. Nelson

Listening from Winter Haven, FL. I'm a member of Liberty Parachute Team, but coouldn't make it this year. - J. Rinkenberger

Couldn't make it out this year. Listening in Portland, Maine. Great work, you all!!! - A. Lyscars

I have greatly appreciated being able to listen to Theater in the Woods after work this week. All the pictures and videos have been great and have allowed me to feel a part of the excitement. I flew to AirVenture in 2003 and have been hooked on the experience. I am listening in Orem Utah. Your service is great and though I am not there you have brought a large part of the AirVenture experience to me. Thank you. Forever Flying High in Utah - N. Webb

Visited AirVenture 2001. Listening in Lawrence KS & Overland Park KS. Heard Steve Fossett's report on the night of his arrival with Global Flyer. EAA since '01 - Glenn 

I'm listening from Racine, Wi about 2 hours south of OSH recovering from surgery so could only attend for one day this year... bummer ...I've been attending, camping since 1976. The radio show is pretty cool. I'd like to audition for next year!!! - A. Slaasted, Jr. EAA 0098246

From Arnhem in The Netherlands, for the 3rd year on a row haven't been able to visist in person, so this is a great alternative! - M.H. van de Griendt

Listening from Spirit Lake, Idaho (North Idaho) - E. and J. Pierce

Eichstaett, Bavaria, Germany - H. H. Spiegel

I'm listening to EAA radio on my computer in Bedford, Texas. Have a good Oshkosh day!!! - D. Owens

I'm listening from Racine, Wisconsin. EAA this year was great. I went to it on the 30th. I got to see White Knight/SpaceShipOne take-off and land, and I watched the whole air show. I loved the whole thing! Next year I'm planning on coming back! - S. Andreas

Charlotte, North Carolina - C. Thomas

Traverse City, Michigan. Thank you. - P. Blattenberger

I am listening from Walton, Kentucky. I have attended Arlington and Oshkosh in the past and listening to "EAA Radio" is a great way to fight the depression of not being there. Great idea, please keep it for AirVenture '06. - P. Mitchell

This is the first AirVenture that I have missed in years. We really enjoyed listening to it while we were working on the B-29 Doc restoration. We are hoping to have Doc at AirVenture 2007 You can check out our progress at: - B. Lindsay Jr.

Dear EAA Radio, thank you for being there!!! When I am not at Oshkosh I listen in Virginia and when I am at Oshkosh I listen on the field. It is especially nice to listen to the “theatre in the woods” programs. Please know that Oshkosh Radio is an important resource. -  R. McCallister

I’m listening (while at work) from Falls Church, VA. Would like to hear the tower during the busy phases. - M. Horowitz

From Waldorf, MD, but I was there for three days this week for the American Advances in Aviation Stamps dedication ceremony Friday. Wish I could've stayed for the entire AWESOME experience. Kudos to everyone associated with the event! - M. Saunders

From Australia. - K. & B. Nielsen

Clifton, NJ - C. Moran 1621

La Crosse, Wisconsin. I have listened this week until I came for the day on Friday. - R. Kellicutt  191797

Listening with interest in Brisbane, Australia. Good luck and best wishes.  - E. Jones

Listening at Orem, Utah (served by PVU, Provo Airport). - G. Soter

Goffstown, NH - We could not make it again this year due to work constraints, but really appreciated listening to the net audio, particularly the air shows!! Thanks so much!  - CJ3CUB

As I listened to the feed from today's (Sunday's) air show, we are on the  Delta Queen Steamship Line's paddlewheel boat Mississippi Queen on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. We flew down to Nashville from Air Venture 2005 in our RV-6A yesterday and boarded the ship yesterday afternoon. We will end the cruise on Saturday and fly on back to our home in Hidden Valley Airpark in Texas.- H. D. Walrath, EAA Life Member 93116

I am listening in Sanford, Maine. Regret that I couldn't get there this year. I plan on being there next year. -  J. Owens, EAA #303941

We are listening from Austin, MN. We just got home from AirVenture and I wanted to listen to the air show. I think EAA Radio on the WEB is AWESOME ! Even though I could only be in OSH for 1 full day , I was able to keep track of what I was missing and attend Theatre in the Woods from home. Thank you for a great weekend and thank you for AirVenture 2005.  E. & S. Wells, EAA #0286651

In Sweden (North Europe) -  L. Smedberg

Addison, IL - R. L. Bejna, EAA 24242

Sister Bay, WI - D. & E. Shaw

Long Island, Merrick, NY -  My son is a Civil Air Patrol Cadet working at the show this year & I am so excited to see what it's all about. Hi Dan!! - V. Gidasi

It is Monday morning, August 1st here. I'm listening to EAA Radio as I work. - R. Fraser

Hello from Ellensburg, WA. My wife and I were on pins and needles listening to the Lindy awards last night! Thanks to EAA Radio 1210AM we were able to tune in and hear the play by play of the ceremony! My father and the rest of the family (I would like to think I had a big part) took 12 years restoring a '57 Cessna 182A (6119B). The family is different as a result of this huge undertaking. It was huge because mom and dad worked their family business full time and extra time, putting 3 kids through college and still finding the time to work on the plane. On the family plot, we built a runway, hanger, downdraft paint booth, and more to make the project the best we could. That plane took a lot of heart and I think maybe a piece of dad's soul. That plane has a piece of all the family in it in some manner. So, long story short, while I could not expect a play by play from my folks who are cell phone phobic, I found the next BETTER thing and relied on the super volunteers of EAA Radio to bring me the results of what EAA airplane lovers thought of the project. Thank you EAA Radio for making it possible for me to share the fun in receiving a bronze Lindy. (contemporary; overall custom? if I remember...). Respectfully - K. Dwight

Located in Watford City, ND. Flying for Weather Modification Inc. Only fly when there are storms. Wishing I was in Oshkosh, but EAA radio as close as I can get this summer. - H. Ballou

Good Morning EAA. Listening in @ work from Estill Springs, Tennessee. - J. Arnold

From Tomahawk, Wisconsin. I’ve been listening off and on all week. - M. Vander Bloomen


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