AviaTech Concepts' Aviation Media Project serves to subtitle all aviation media — training DVDs, documentaries, product-use videos, web, internet & interactive — for accessibility as well as increased comprehension and safety for all pilot populations. The project seeks to build a directory of accessible media to aid pilots using English as a foreign language and student pilots unfamiliar with the technical terminology, as well as deaf and hard-of-hearing pilots and aviation students.

Why Subtitle?

Provide access to the deaf and hard-of-hearing aviation market
Nearly four-thousand aviation medical certificates were issued with "hearing-impairment restrictions" by the end of the 20th century, and the market is growing. Hundreds of FAA-certified pilots are legally deaf. Countless additional are hard-of-hearing, an ever increasing number due to age. Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals represent about 10% of the US population – thus comprising 10% of aviation enthusiasts and students as well as potential student pilots.
Accomodate markets where English is a foreign language
Another 10% of the US population is foreign-born, or US-born but for whom English is not a first language. Additionally, due to ICAO language requirements, international aviation markets use English. Individuals who do not speak English as a first language often seek subtitles to enhance comprehension and aid in mastering the language.
Increase comprehension, and thus, safety
Studies show, comprehension of technical language – such as that of aviation – is greatly augmented when multimodes (eg. both text and audio) are presented simultaneously and properly synchronized, regardless of native language.
Aid the student pilot training effort
Students can learn more efficiently, with greater confidence, when they are given subtitled text options on their training programs and videos.
Reduce legal liabilities and increase distribution opportunities
Use of accessible media aids aviation schools and training programs, companies and events, in meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and related compliance regulations.

The Process

  1) AviaTech Concepts contacts producers and distributors of aviation media based on requests issued and demand demonstrated by aviation Deaf/Hard-of-hearing and English-as-Second Language communities.
  2) New clients provide AviaTech Concepts the complete digital master files (audio and video) in an appropriate format. Any available transcripts are appreciated but not required.*
  3) Two English-language subtitle tracks are created, one formatted for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing populations; the other dedicated to English-as-Second-Language markets.**
  4) The remastered DVD is returned complete with both subtitle tracks and a fully functional operating menu for the subtitles.
All media and copy remain property of producer/distributor, at all times. Subtitles and transcripts terms are throughout the universe, in perpetuity.
At this time, AviaTech Concepts does not produce subtitles in languages other than English.

What Then?

Companies may issue new accessible media on demand, or begin any new distribution with the new master. It is yours to produce and manage at will.
AviaTech Concepts is compiling a database of accessible media available to various aviation markets interested in subtitles.
Marketing and research assistance is available in addition to full support of the subtitled media in these markets.

Why AviaTech?

First and foremost, our process was designed by a human factors researcher (psychologist specializing in the human use of technology) with concentrations in:
Cultural implications on design and product use
Aviation psychology and training modalities (auditory vs. visual)
Cognitive processing of language — verbal, gesture and written; native and foreign
Human-computer interaction and display-design principles
Six (6) years of transcription services for technical and legal industries

All research and production staff are FAA-certified pilots, CFIs and student pilots.

We format each track independently to ensure specified market needs are met:

Subtitles for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (SDH) tracks are formatted for maximum visual presentation, by deaf individuals with knowledge of market needs. All dialogue is presented as spoken, and relevant background sounds and music are noted.

English-as-Second-Language (ESL) tracks are designed with perfectly synchronized audio-to-text for maximized comprehension as well as proper use and mastery of English. Sounds and music are not noted.

Many captioning and subtitling services charge additional fees for transcripts, as well as highly specialized or technical language. These features are standard along with the two dedicated tracks, full operating menu, high-quality and knowledgable process-design and formatting -- for one established flat fee.
What IS the Cost?

Each time increment at right refers to length of video or streaming media, from title to credits, or start to finish, as appropriate.

Up to 20 min.
Media can be consolidated to achieve the next block rate. For example, two 30-min. training videos can be submitted for the one hour rate.
20 - 30 min.
30 - 1 hour
2 hour blocks
Completed Media

Official subtitling service for One Six Right: The Romance of Flying